Project Portfolio Management

The most important word here is: overview.

What is the long list of projects and how do they contribute to achieving your goals?

We help you structuring the process of project selection, prioritisation and delivery.

This straightforward approach will help you to spend your limited effort on the most important initiatives first.

Moreover, it will show you how you are progressing towards your goals

Project delivery

This is where the Project Manager comes in. Project delivery excellence can be realised through:

  • Understanding the strategic objectives
  • Effective stakeholder management and communication
  • Determining the appropriate delivery approach
  • Identifying the required skills and staffing
  • Clear planning and timelines
  • Prioritisation between activities and defining a manageable scope

IT and business integration

In a typical trading organisation, IT and operations are enablers for the Front Office, to provide the environment, systems and tools that allow them to work with minimal disturbances and state-of-the-art tools and information.

However, there is often a misfit between what is needed here and what is delivered. This is often caused by unclear requirements/ideas of what is needed by business on the one hand and a jumping to solutions mentality on the other.

We help you to have the right conversations and relationship between Business and IT and ensure both play their own role.